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Summer Books Available Now!

At TSJC Bookstore, we are committed to excellence.

We define excellence by our commitment to customer service. We understand that college is an expense, which can become a burden to both students and their parents. We feel that by keeping the cost low on textbooks that more students will be able to better afford to continue their education.

Refund Policy

The refund period is one week after the start date of your class. Books must be in original condition and unopened if sealed or wrapped and access codes must be unopened/unscratched. All returns are at the discretion of management.

Rental Program

The TSJC Bookstore is proud to offer a rental program. All rental books are for the duration of the current semester. Rentals offer students another option to save money on their textbook costs by providing immediate upfront savings. Students who rent books are required to have a debit/credit card placed on file in the event there is a problem with the return.
Students opting to rent must complete a Rental Agreement at the register.
The last date to receive a REFUND for a rental follows the same policy as purchases, without any exception per our REFUND POLICY.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I save when I rent textbooks?

You can save up to 50% off a new textbook price and up to 30% on a used textbook price.

Can I use Financial Aid?


Can I use my employee discount?

No, the discount only applies to purchases.

Why do you need my credit card if I pay another way?

We will keep your credit card on file just in case there is a problem with your return.

Can I highlight or write in a rented textbook?

Yes! Normal use of highlighting and writing is permitted.

When do I need to return my rented textbook?

The due date for returning rentals is the last day of the semester. The date will be posted in the bookstore and printed on your sales receipt and rental reminder sticker.

Can I ship my book back?

Yes, rentals can be shipped back to the Bookstore. Rentals that are shipped back must be postmarked by the due date. If mailing on the due date, please call the bookstore at Trinidad Campus (719) 846-5011 or Alamosa Campus (719) 589-7000 to alert them so they will not process any late fees on your card.

What if I drop the class?

The refund policy for a drop/add is the same for rental and purchased textbooks.

Can I decide to keep my book?

Yes! You can convert your rental to a purchase anytime before the due date.

Will I save more when I rent than if I were to buy and sell the book back?

With rentals, you know what your costs are. With buying and selling back the books, you may save more in the end, but buyback prices are based off of what demands are for the following semester. If you have further concerns, email us or stop in to talk with us.


The choice is yours- Rent or Buy textbooks

We look forward to serving you!